Lindt DIVA

Glamorous, stylish, sexy and charismatic: “Lindt DIVA 2013” wanted!
Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn have one thing in common: they are all divas and stand for glamour, luxury, charm, charisma, self-confidence and timeless beauty. They also have an excellent taste. Diva is called “the Divine”. And Lindt awakens the diva in every woman! Namely with Lindt DIVA, the new noble and gold dust refined truffle variations in four exceptional flavors.


The new website www.lindt-diva.de not only provided information about Lindt’s new exquisite truffle specialty, but also brought home the glamorous (life) style of a diva. The site showed the best red carpet looks, jewelry trends and a selection of movie tips that a real DIVA must have seen. The “Lindt DIVA 2013” was searched as part of a major Internet campaign. On the website www.lindt-diva.de, the participants were invited to style themselves as a glamour diva for a photo, upload it to the website and reveal why they are the “Lindt DIVA 2013” by means of a short text.
Women with class, elegance and style were in demand, coupled with the necessary sex appeal and, of course, a dose of glamour. There was an exclusive photo shoot with star photographer Gabo at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Berlin. Countless applications with many creative ideas, images and texts have been uploaded to the website.



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