Website Relaunch for Prof. Armbrüster Leadership Services

We took on the website relaunch for Prof. Armbrüster Leadership Services and rebuilt the website conceptually, visually and technically. The new website is divided into the sections Leadership Services, Keynotes, Digitalization, Team, Books and a Blog. This makes the company’s range of services clear to website visitors at first glance. The core business is leadership training, which is divided into the areas of leadership training, executive coaching, strategy workshops, personality development and personal branding as well as training for high potentials.


New design concept & logo

When designing the website, it was important to us to focus on Prof. Armbrüster as a person with large-format photos. The reduction to the non-color black clearly shows that this is not about frills, ornamentation and embellishment, but about the essentials. And this must be communicated with a clear and reduced design language.

As part of the website relaunch, we also revised and redesigned the logo.

Technically, the website was programmed with the CMS system WordPress, so that the customer can maintain the site himself without programming knowledge.


About Prof. Armbrüster

Based on our leadership experience in medium-sized companies, large corporations, management consultancies, the military, universities and the public sector, we have an inner drive to bring the understanding of leadership in modern organizations up to date, to strengthen managers through our training and to eliminate leadership uncertainties.

Prof. Armbrüster heads the Institute for Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management at the University of Marburg and has been supporting numerous managers at all hierarchical levels in their professional development as a leadership trainer and leadership coach for more than 10 years.


Our services:

Visual concept, brand development, logo creation, website relaunch (design, programming)


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