Rolf Benz + Piure Store. by böhmler

The renowned Munich furniture store “böhmler im tal” has been synonymous with high-class design and absolute competence in the field of interiors since 1875 and is today regarded as one of the leading industry specialists in Germany. In order to expand its own offering and to offer special traditional brands in an external branch, the company opened a joint store in Munich’s Ludwigpalais in spring 2014 together with Rolf Benz and Piure. What has been offered here since then fits together as if poured together, because both companies stand for quality criteria a la “made in Germany” as well as high-quality, clearly designed and long-lasting products, which are successfully distributed worldwide.


With the aim of increasing the awareness of the store in Ludwigstraße and opening up new target groups, our first task was to create our own website for the furniture store. Following the original order, the store was followed by the creation of a Facebook page and the posting of wide-ranging posts with the help of social media applications, in order to ultimately build up a fan base in the social network.


Our performance:


Website (concept, design, programming, project management), Facebook Page (concept, design, campaign management, application, project management